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Humankind Shared Planet

Divided by Norms


Crossroads are momentum builders as they set the direction for progress movements in one direction or another. Today, the advent of social responsibility as driving force for organizational sustainability through profit, people and planet has made diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) currency for achieving both sustainable development and organizational wholeness.

In this thought-provoking book, Dr. Matthew Ajiake aligns the 7 principles and 7 core subjects of social responsibility based on ISO 26000 with DEI and presents a systematic approach to integrating both by introducing the knowledge, creativity and governance (KCG) model.

Dr. Ajiake asserts that any organization just beginning to think about or is currently engaged in social responsibility behavior can also achieve organizational wholeness when it utilizes DEI as currency for negotiating value-added decisions and performing routine activities.

From conception to implementation, to ongoing performance monitoring, this book provides the theoretical foundation and practical strategies an organization needs to make DEI a systemic language spoken by its internal and external stakeholders when they are correctly identified and engaged.  This proposed new order will support difference makers who bring healing and meaning to their organization, personal interactions or ourglobal ecosystem.

Whatever industry or sector you work in, Humankind Shared Planet, Divided by Norms offers a reasoned contribution tothe current social responsibility conversation.

Pre-Order Begins June 30th, 2022

about the author

MATTHEW AJIAKE, PHD is a motivational keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, leadership coach, and thought leader. Dr. Ajiake draws on his experience in public, private and non-profit sectors to engage and empower his audiences and corporate clients in strategic visioning, leadership, and organizational change issues. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Information Technology, and a PhD in Management.

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